the motion

by Marrice Anthony

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excuse me for a minute i'm just speakin w/ the me inside,
still awake at 1 am cuz i just ain't been breathin right
really don't make sense at all that i'm here but still fiendin life >
to not know what it's like to be alive & just existin >
i'm searchin out the equipment to push me back in position,
king of easy to love but still fearful of the commitment >
desiring what requires work but curvin what is gifted >
ain't been workin on myself at all but always say i'm fixin,
i been brought up to always see things optimistic >
now in constant conflict w/ the construct that has built me >
i ponder why does it always happen w/ me, everyone around me is lappin me >
when i thought they'd jog it w/ me >
causin misery what's the cost of livin not a dollar w/ me >
all those pennies i gave away for thoughts now >
i get in these moods where i wish i could touch my brain & turn it off >
cuz i'm tired of being lost in the many,
what ifs bubblin bulgin out of my temple then i kick the pillars >
i been sick for millions of nights, don't know what's real anymore,
just been uphill w/ the fight,
i wish the ceiling would cave in i need to feel somethin,
need to bust out of these walls before i kill somethin,
i got niggas who actin funny & playin round w/ my money >
got bitches sneakin into my heart to try to take it from me,
mya's fear of flying but free fallin might get ugly >
life is petty RIP, i can't let it outline me >
i be flinchin at every corner expectin these piles to peak >
i ain't left the house in a week defeated plus i got this reasonin that,
this sanctum ain't pretty nor perfect >
but if i stay inside i know the world can't hurt me,
imagine being in the worst pain but can't word it >
& u wanna keep it pushin but u always lose ur footin >
contrary to popular belief, low cut grass don't keep away nan serpent >
boy the devil always workin >
so excuse me for a second i'm just talkin to the me inside,,
locked out of heaven so i'm lookin for the key to life,
keep it all internal & y'all still attempt to read my mind >
leave me the fuck alone i said it plenty of times >
losing touch w/ reality i need it redefined,
will i ever know the answers are they not for me to find,
gotta take it up w/ the boss tell him we need a rewind >
need to revisit the design need to cc the thing behind >
the curtain workin the gears to this shit show in the disguise >
of something wonderful & finally match the thief w/ the crime,
i can't help but feel like everything is knee deep in decline,
i been runnin for forever still they leavin me behind,
i'm just seeing things for what they really are, not no movie shit,
not really tryna hear all them quotes u try to move me w/,
i'd be somewhere bleeding if it wasn't for this music shit >
but if ya heart is missing what the fuck u makin music w/ >
self hatred consuming me tryna get to the root of it,
hopefully i find that bitch soon cuz i'm losing it,
this is life, it don't come w/ many rules to it >
either work thru ya shit or let it go & keep it movin it's the motion,


released October 22, 2017


all rights reserved



Marrice Anthony Wichita, Kansas

all social media: (@)marriceanthony

my name is marrice anthony (lynch),
i'm not that interesting of a person, & i'm really only good at writing/performing raps. this is my heart right here, & honestly it's only a piece of it. nice to meet you. here's a bunch of cool shit i did in my room. ... more


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