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lost everywhere in los angeles.


released December 1, 2017

all songs written, performed, recorded, mixed + mastered by Marrice Anthony at THYLLWHS

all songs produced by ESXXR TXNY at THYLLWHS


all rights reserved



Marrice Anthony Wichita, Kansas

all social media: (@)marriceanthony

my name is marrice anthony (lynch),
i'm not that interesting of a person, & i'm really only good at writing/performing raps. this is my heart right here, & honestly it's only a piece of it. nice to meet you. here's a bunch of cool shit i did in my room. ... more

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Track Name: beach 2
silly woman, pretty colors in ur suitcase, selfies in the bathroom, none of it was self paid, movies on the 4th plane things i never cared for if it was up to u u would've left me at the airport, busy traffic,, bunched in back of the rental, strugglin to be civil, got my hands on the handle to sober me up high down the clouds but we don't do the same drugs baby mama took a pill in ibiza, opposite sides of the world but inches apart, it's so easy to forget me but i'm makin it hard, almost kicked it at the telly stead of playin the odds but i was listenin to francis so i get in the car, if u wanna break down & cry it's alright, cuz i'ma be up tryna shake the feelin off all night, i'm in a pool of sweat on a dirty couch w/ no sheets so it's me depression & anger & u them & a beach like,

u them & a beach,
nothing was gon stop u from running out on the beach,
ruining my sleep cuz it was sposed to be u & i now it's u them & the beach,

the sun opened the world up w/ the door closin, woke up melting w/ these california floors smokin, wine & pizza in the freezer i need nicotine & soda i need sex & naked yoga u want weed & chain smoker & i'm not against it, not to mention i'll enable u, on the street changing tires guess today i play the fool, if u have a terrible time it's my fault others would've played the victim & cried but i won't even though i helped fix up the ride, i'll walk now the hollywood sign is alive & not thought u left me out here alone i'm ranting into my phone silent banter thinkin bout all of these miles that we've flown just to play like strangers, mainline anger tryna hang my hate up i don't need it in my zone, haven't heard from u since u finally made it home so i took what i ain't say to u & put it in a song & it's a story of,

u them & a beach,
hope u found that love u wanted out there on the beach,
now it's out of reach >
could've found me at a crossroads but u lost me out at sea
Track Name: coo
sunday morning but nothing to do,
got used to kickin it i was comfortable too,
all of a sudden it stopped + im somewhat confused,
u made plans to kick it w/ stage hands >
but i cleared out my summer for u,
boarding passes to forward slash morning madness pouring these glasses of shit u dnt normally drink, foreign access to vices u never liked wishin for a better life,
instead of ice u use ur shoulder to chill it >
cant believe i always thought that u were one in a million,
nothing was in our way u created a ceiling,
+ now im givin u the silent treatment like we're children,
u not a bad person at all, i just find that painting that narrative keeps me + my arrogance intact so w/ that i know that ur somewhere w/ friends forgettin bout me in another niggas lap + thats coo,

if u wanna roll w/ me then that's coo
but if u wanna roll w/ him then i guess...that's cool too
maybe u can stay around
see if we can get this thing off the ground
but if u'd rather throw it all away then that's coo

i couldve prevented it all thinkin back,
when u hit me back in 12 i couldve never hit back,
but it was out of the sky + i was lonely deprived >
of something good at the time so i obliged to gain something back,
long summers laying naked eatin pizza >
to going two months w/o checkin if i'm breathin >
im tryna convince myself that i dnt really need it >
when really its my fault for not seeing the caution sign blinkin >
we been, broken up for months in ur mind,
+ i was confident that u would never find anyone else i was the ceiling,
can't believe i thought that i was one in a million guess my spot has been filled in,
heard u got a new job, congratulations,
hope u had a good vacation >
+ tho im fucked up now i think im gonna make it >
so u dnt have to call for comfirmation or validation i promise its coo,
Track Name: easy

we coulda tried to make it easy,
instead of u tryin to get even,
w/o a sign or a reason to leave me,
+ push me out the way,
i hope in due time u realize what u had,
but its too late to look back,
its all gone bad,
it coulda been easier than that,

u said u needed to work on u,
but i needed to be worked on to,
when the hole got dug i still pushed on thru >
like kiddo, i resent u + its more than just a little >
i know u wonder how i could hold all of this against u >
when technically our split wasn't all the way official,
but after that u wanted to play like u were misused >
in the middle of us trying to rekindle >
now its out the window i went thru old texts tryna make it make sense maybe i was harsh but ive always been,
tough love call the cops on me then >
but what u think contributed to how strong we'd been >
or maybe weak its been days or maybe weeks who's counting,
time moves faster for u when ur w/o me >
but all this was from u starting to doubt me >
wanted to let it go but ur pride wouldnt allow me this is crazy

u said u heard shit from ya crew,
but i heard shit about u too >
i just never acted on it + dismissed it yet >
it was almost if u begged for a disconnect >
damn near kissed a silhouette, u were gone in 30 seconds,
i wrote thirty records tryna interject >
points into an argument that we weren't having,
im here w/ receipts u already started packin >
look, i know what ya mans did was whack >
but u dnt get a nigga back like that,
i slipped a few times but i aint think u would react like that >
especially when last time u were back like, that,
now its like nothing means anything,
how could u let nonsense intervene >
next step was eventually bended knee,
its like u began a new u by ending me this is crazy

i know what ya mans did was whack >
but u dnt get a nigga back like that,
all the nasty things i said i'd take that right back >
i wrote it all to u even tho i know u wont write right back,
u finally gave me a chance to miss u,
too bad it had to be on the account of a shit show,
lauryn said it all right from the get go,,
it could all be so simple,
Track Name: once in a while
maybe its the appearance factor,
how it looked from afar made it seem up to par,
a part of me wanted to scream + punch a couple walls,
but instead i just laughed bcuz i shouldve seen it,
the scene was discolored,
the leaves were pitch black,
i made a slight revision,
+ then reverted back,
then that inverted that,
+ now its ugly,
i can't remove the mask,
i wore it 6 years,
u cant get nothing from me,
i gave it all to u but u never noted that,
now its just a growing match who's done more who wants more who's really in it,
+ the one who's less appreciated cuts back,
i wish i could be a fly on ur wall,
to see the steps u made to cut me down,
i dont ask for much just that u put some respect on me maybe check on me,

maybe its just the liquor talkin,
maybe its the uncertainty of us,
maybe its me never cradling u,
cuz in ur home life u been cradled enough,
maybe its me saying too much,
i shoulda let u figure ur shit out w/ maybe a minor touch,
but maybe's are just that when the questions get asked + there's silence on the other end,
u left me at an already low point,
so ur point of view gets lost in these suicidal thoughts >
+ the way u blew me off like fuck it do what u do >
left me out to rot u lucky i fuckin fought but true,
u do deserve better,
until better shits on u too,
but going forward nothing to prove i'll take that but it wouldn't hurt to face facts
Track Name: baggage (ft. Keen the Wise & The Dreammates)
shouldn't have me feeling this kind of way,
why did i let u take up my days,
i should've left my baggage back on that plane,

but it's so hard,
watching u not care, playing w/ my head,
+ even tho its getting cold outside,
i just can't hold it in another night,

so while u heading home down the interstate,
get a good mental image of my face,
+ how im over u + all yo games,
just get yo ass back on that plane

wolf three's + sweatpants, bluetooth headphones + jet lag, no telly booked 6 hour wait cali rates for the uber not agreeing w/ the bank, pulled up sweaty + disoriented y'all still wanna explore, hit musuems to kill time i'm ready for meal time + wi-fi clock say not time guess we gotta roll, no signal in the joint guess i gotta scroll, shorty wanna make nice guess i gotta fold, thighs out sittin low tryin not to snore taking pictures of the fancy stores shit i can't afford movin forward, it was all cool in the first half, then we ended up in the spot when we're close confined to one wall at a time im reminded of why i want all this to stop

dipped out w/ no warning,, no good night no good morning, almost booked a motel 6 cuz this airbnb feelin little as shit + yeah the tension is thick we young dumb + broke w/ dumb dumber + hoe my head's bout to explode, can't sing the song so i'm hummin the notes wi-fi on the fritz so i'm thumbin the quotes like leila leila, won't u be mine, how u so pretty but ugly inside, afrobeats on my headphones every line maleek berry let me know gets me every time woke up to the knockin on the window "go in bro" can't believe i would take sleepin outside over possible reconcile, i opened my eyes to my biggest headache drivin off in the sunrise,