Let's Be Friends EP

by Marrice Anthony

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a three-song ep i made for my friends. if ur not my friend, u won't understand. God bless.


released January 1, 2015

"good4u" prod. Jon Word
"Let's Be Friends" prod. D Dilla
"Light It Up" prod. Right Beat Radio


all rights reserved



Marrice Anthony Wichita, Kansas

all social media: (@)marriceanthony

my name is marrice anthony (lynch),
i'm not that interesting of a person, & i'm really only good at writing/performing raps. this is my heart right here, & honestly it's only a piece of it. nice to meet you. here's a bunch of cool shit i did in my room. ... more

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Track Name: #good4U

good4u yeah

uh, rap god don't act odd
most u niggas claimin king is a mascott
most u niggas screamin baller is a bellhop
drop bombs on the world leave it shell shocked
leave it sheltered welter weight champ take that take that
lemme sing u a diddy
wanna roll w/ the committee step back
get beat when it's goin dwn no nitty
(light it up now)
fuck a nigga hatin we get mad love
most of em is leaders of our fan club
& i've come to grips w/ the fact that if they say that we whack
then they jst dnt understand us
niggas is the type to type & generate hype but never put hands up
bottom line i'm the coolest nigga in the world
if u disagree stop bein puss & pull ya pants up
lewelheds bitch
i'm the king of all this shit
we the kings of all this shit
startin up trends i lend inspiration make niggas wanna borrow this shit
ain't no way to solve this shit
summer spring winter fall & shit
i'ma walk away w/ all this shit
so we can either be friends or i'ma toss ya ass in the deep end
i dnt even need a reason

(refrain) good4u
u got a lotta niggas in yo crew
nigga good4u
niggas support u & what u do
nigga good4u
it might be what u say but this is how we do

(out) it's been a while
we went outta style but i'll
go to the end of the earth jst to see u smile
i promise u on this day
that we ain't goin away
& we dnt give a fuck what ppl say

so good4u