by Marrice Anthony


a bulk of this track was made with car sounds.


1) i been saucy since toddy,
you was sleepin in bed,
y'all was plottin on thotties,
i was gettin some head,
yo these bitches be talkin y'all niggas freakin the feds,
i got laced w/ the demons y'all niggas braggin bout reg? >
shit had me whippin it naked, i was off in the head >
y'all only make the sound effects bitch i was swervin instead,
there's a difference between runnin ya mouth & being in the flesh,
& i ain't worried bout nothin homie i mean what i said,
it's like the same ole niggas talkin every single day,
i ain't hearin nothing cuz the money in the way,
fuck a million views i was boomin off the crates >
had the backseat movin every time i hit the breaks,
real niggas real & them other niggas fake,
that's the main reason why me & you can't relate >
you just stand around & hate,
i'ma pull off on them skates,
i'ma let that weak shit get lost in the bass like,,


my bad,
left em in the dust to stare at my tag,
grippin on the clutch they air & i dash,
i be goin nuts i swear i might crash,
hit the gas,
hit the gas,
hit the gas,
air it out,
hit the gas,
air it out,
hit the gas,
air it out,
hit the gas,

2) niggas never they keep it tall but claim they keepin it rap,
i should pull up on something & put ya bitch on the back,
niggas showin ya papers i just be keepin it facts >
swear they get a lil emotional when peepin the stats,
i be movin & groovin i put the smoke on the track,
speed demon in yo region they be hopin to catch,
they insult me then approach me to dap,
cuz they know me tho i'm lowkey i be OD when i'm makin it slap >
it's like the same ole niggas gettin lamer by the day,
call you pussy on the web but can't say it to ya face,
i was thinkin bustin guages you was walkin to the race,
fuck nigga out of work but claim he always movin bass >
you don't get no stripes for playing ace >
niggas pull up w/ them things that keep a loosie in his place,
real niggas real & them other niggas fake >
i'ma keep on lead footin it >
so you should pump ya brakes,


released July 5, 2019


all rights reserved



Marrice Anthony Wichita, Kansas

here's a bunch of cool shit i did in my room. all social media: (@)marriceanthony

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