by Marrice Anthony

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i don't know what that mean


1) i had a bar about how i'm a star & these niggas want me to fizzle out, but then ironically it fizzled it was lit tho, u see how i can't stray, shit so serious i'm writing about writings circles on circles it's vertigo verses go vertical verbally i'm mur than more i'm mervalous murce is, see i'm makin up words to make the word go, whatever it takes i'm worth it, curl up in a perfect lul ball & ball? nah i'm determined to make the unpopular commercial, of curse it's a course but until i'm a corpse i'ma rap circles around bodies like a corse in corsica strain to make the bend like a corset u take that fake actin back to yo set u soilin us, how we not supposed to cry over it when the milk is spoiled? since when is nymphs the royals, since when is lyrical content not the hot spots & kids is content w hops & skips? i make bounds sometimes i feel like a bounty is on my head, all i ever wanted was to be against the writer of warning as the greatest to ever live, it's like ur efforts are only as big as ur clicks well if that's the case click this dick, i used to care about the numbers until i realized that the way i feel inside could never be a statistic, & my respect in this shit is more important than being mentioned w these dip shits so u can take that, yo funky clique & skip cuz u can copy my words my slang my name my verses my song titles & songs & style but u will never be able to copy my drive i'm driven u can't limit that nigga u chitty chat & i really rap & u really whack, all that corny shit u need to cut it back & if u disagree u can rebuttal that, catch this block button stop frontin get off my dick,

they tell me its jst a hobby they tell me get a real job & they tell me im losin time w all of these silly things they even tell me that im out of my mind to wanna sing they tell me get back in school & focus on real things & i say,

idk what mean...

so now im 23 & im searchin for proof that life isn't a waste, for what i've mistaken for love is not the case in question but to live in the wake of tomorrow is the goal like forced emotion, i feel like ms. green on the emotional rollercoaster we bumper carrin carryin our broken vows to this opus, smaller than life but when im in the booth i feel like the potus preminitions of me giving life to dark w the flow yo i gave my heart to rap, my spirit to the Lord my back to my backpack my knees to the floor defending syllables & patterns since 13 w the notebook before learning to flow hooks i was lyrically throwin hooks, my dad tried to ban rap in the house & he was buggin, i told yall about my uncle's dresser as percussion, before the cashmere's & the mustards i had broken handles as high hats room acoustic as eq niggas was buyin loud packs i was learning to hard limit, to get these shitty mixes beyond the city limits pushin 4 tapes a year each peakin @ 60 minutes rewind those u get some of my best writtens bc niggas dnt wanna pay attention giving local fame to a minion, giving stages to kittens, giving wages to vultures me & my niggas is like vultron when we spittin & y'all wanna applaud these hogs, well stay committed cuz when i break the barrier & switch phone carriers & u try to dial my phone only to get a dial tone, u gon remember the time i needed ur help & u gon be stuck lookin like u jst shitted yaself, im 23 now, if nothing's stopped me now then not much can raising up the bar since i'm now align w the jumpman still dnt give a fuck what u think, clothes in a trash bag thumb up to the future & middle fingers to past my family's hearts ache my grandpa's on his last & i still want him to see me break millions before he pass, & if im short on it when i do get that bag i'ma go the graveyard & throw a stack on his casket love,

they tell me its jst a hobby they tell me get a real job & they tell me im losin time w all of these silly things they even tell me that im out of my mind to wanna sing they tell me get back in school & focus on real things & i say,

idk what mean...


released April 12, 2016
prod. by Right Beat Radio

contains an interpolation of "Money Makes Us Happy" as performed by Skyzoo, Black Thought, & Bilal

all lyrics written by Marrice Lynch for Lewelheds

additional vocals by Ciara Herod

all mixing & mastering by Marrice Lynch for Lewelheds


all rights reserved



Marrice Anthony Wichita, Kansas

all social media: (@)marriceanthony

my name is marrice anthony (lynch),
i'm not that interesting of a person, & i'm really only good at writing/performing raps. this is my heart right here, & honestly it's only a piece of it. nice to meet you. here's a bunch of cool shit i did in my room. ... more

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